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12th-Nov-2007 10:37 pm - OKLAWL

been talking with the parents aaaaaaaaaaand
it looks like I really won't be coming back to America this February.
They're more or less ok with that, so that makes me feel even more ok with it.

Also, since he met my family, I've been getting a lot more support from my siblings than I used to.
Like, they're all telling me to go for it. Even if it's not exactly what my parents want for me.

So my dad will look out to help me as much as he can, and if things go smoothly I'll be starting school in April.

There's that.

Also, I made a new journal: 2milkteas
I've added journals I read the most frequently. If I missed you and that bothers you--my bad--go ahead and add back. No worries :)
Nothing's changed really, just the name. :D

byebye mitani5, my cute, little highschool raibujournal :3
5th-Jun-2005 10:24 am(no subject)
It's not friends only anymore.

I don't write anything of substance anyway.

updated three times a year.
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